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5 Things to Know When Buying Weed Online – Buying Marijuana Online Dispensary

Cannabis is one of the most widely used drugs in the world. There are many reasons for its popularity, the common ones being how it’s free from any harmful side effects, the relieving effects it has on the brain and how it can boost your creativity to give you the right type of thinking power. Research has shown that as compared to Tobacco which causes cancer, Marijuana, on the other hand, has no harm to physical health and acts as an active agent to stop cancer cells. Not only it feels good, but it also saves you from tons of bad things and is good for the body.

If you’re new to Cannabis and smoking weed, chances are you’ve spent some time thinking about how to get your right supply and what things to look out for when buy weed online. Although almost all types of Cannabis can help you feel good, knowing what to look for and how to differentiate from good to bad products can make your experience ten times better. And this is what this article brings, below we will discuss different methods that can help you make better decisions and get the right thing for the price.

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Observe the Smell

A good and pungent smell can differentiate from good and bad products. The smell should be one of your basic guides towards judging your product. Good smelling weed will indicate it’s grown with care and in high standards. Flowers of weed that smell good will indicate overall good quality and freshness of the batch. The more the flower smells pungent, the better the product will be. So, whenever you’re buying weed, check the smell first to gauge how old it is and what’s the quality. Overall good smell means you’re good to go and you’re making the right decision.

On the other hand, bad quality weed will feel the opposite. It will be dull and won’t smell as good. It’ll have some fragrance but it’ll be minimum and won’t give a strong aroma. This will indicate that either the weed is not grown in the right conditions or it’s too old or damaged in some way. Bad smell means you shouldn’t buy it or ask for something else which smells good. The bad smell usually occurs when the flower hasn’t been properly taken care of, it’s either been kept stored for too long or it has been open in air for a longer period than necessary. Either way, the bad smell is an indicator that it’s not good weed.

marijuana to buy online usa

Indica Vs Sativa

Indica and Sativa are common terms when it comes to buying cannabis and you would have heard them in almost all conversations. If you don’t know what they are, here are some quick definitions. Indica is the weed that makes your body high, while Sativa is what makes you that cerebral pleasure. There are other hybrids that contain both of these types in desired quantities so you can get the result you want. While these common terms aren’t exactly true as Indicas and Sativas only differentiate how the plant looks different when it grows, it can still be useful. The end result depends on the user to user but knowing these terms and how they impact your high can be helpful.

It your choice whether you want to feel a relaxed body or an exhilarated mind. If you’re looking for a creative, mentally pleasing high experience then you should look for something more Sativa related otherwise if you just want to just feel relaxed and calm then you should go for indica, if you want both then hybrids the best option for you. If you want to buy weed online usa then stick to the post for best guide lines.

Observe How It looks

Just like the smell, the look is also an equally important factor when deciding for good weed. If the flowers look decolorized or brown in color then it’s an indicator that weed is not fresh and badly cultivated. Good and vibrant colors will always distinguish good products from bad products. So if your weed looks fresh, then you’re good to go, otherwise, ask for something else that’s more vibrant in color

The next important visual hint is the Trichomes which are crystal-like substances on the surface of weed flowers. The more and clear they are, the better. Pay close attention to how weed looks as it can help you get a better product.

How it feels in your hands

The next big differentiator is how it feels. Bad weed is usually really crisp and tends to break like dried up sticks do. There has so be some sort of wetness in the leaves, not too wet but a small quantity that makes them feel soft. Too crispy or hard flowers that break off into dusty pieces are not good. Not only they’re difficult to deal with as they can shatter easily, but they don’t also give exhilarating effects as fresh and good cultivated weed does.

If they feel spongy and good in your hand, they snap instead of bending and are not too wet or too dry, then it means you’ve good yourself a good product. The RIght feeling can give you the right product, so keep it in mind the next time you’re dealing with cannabis.


Go with what makes you feel best


All of these standards can be great when buying good quality weed, but every human has different preferences. Some people might prefer one type of weed over another, just like how people prefer to smoke different brands of cigarettes although all of them contain the same tobacco. In the same way, what you like is totally dependent on your choice. If you like something and it doesn’t do well on the standard tests, then no worries. As long as you’re enjoying Cannabis, it’s good to go.

So, when buying weed keep these factors in mind. With time you’ll learn to identify the better weed from low-quality one, so you can have a better overall experience and a good high.